PM Narendra Modi celebrates Deepawali 2023 with Security Forces in Lepcha, Himachal Pradesh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 12 celebrated Deepawali with soldiers in Himachal Pradesh’s Lepcha and hailed the unwavering courage of the security forces. In his address, the PM Modi said that India is safe so long as its brave soldiers are standing on its borders, unflinching as the great Himalayas. The PM also said, “I come and celebrate Diwali every year with our Army personnel. It is said that Ayodhya is where Lord Ram is, but for me, Ayodhya is where Indian Army personnel are. I have not celebrated any Diwali for the last 30-35 years when I was not with you people. When I was not the PM or CM, even then I visited some or the other border area to celebrate the festival of Diwali.”

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