Nripendra Misra, Ex-Principal Secy reveals PM Modi’s working style: 'We were not used to…'

Discover the intriguing working style of PM Modi as revealed by Nripendra Misra, Ex-Principal Secy. Get insights into a leadership approach like no other.

Nripendra Misra, Ex-Principal Secy reveals PM Modi’s working style: 'We were not used to…'

Nripendra Misra, the former Principal Secretary to Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, recently shed light on the unique working style of the Prime Minister during his tenure. Misra, a seasoned bureaucrat with a distinguished career, provided insights into the collaborative and unconventional approach adopted by Modi.

In a candid revelation, Misra highlighted that the working style under Modi's leadership was markedly different from the norm. He emphasized that the team, including himself, was initially unaccustomed to the pace and intensity with which decisions were made. The Prime Minister's hands-on approach and penchant for swift action challenged the conventional bureaucratic processes, pushing the team to adapt quickly to a more dynamic work environment.

According to Misra, the Prime Minister's style was characterized by direct and personal involvement in decision-making processes. This level of engagement went beyond the usual protocol, reflecting Modi's commitment to efficiency and outcomes. The former Principal Secretary conveyed that the team had to adjust to a faster decision-making pace, a departure from the traditional bureaucratic timelines they were accustomed to.

Misra's revelations provide a unique glimpse into the inner workings of the Prime Minister's office, showcasing Modi's leadership style as one that prioritizes results and direct involvement. The collaborative spirit fostered an environment where timely decisions could be made, aligning with Modi's vision for proactive and responsive governance.

As the former Principal Secretary reminisced about the challenges posed by this distinctive approach, he also acknowledged the positive impact it had on governance. The unconventional working style, though initially challenging, ultimately contributed to the effective implementation of policies and initiatives.

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