India has strict policy of zero tolerance against corruption: PM Modi at G20 meeting

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the G20 meeting and highlighted India's strong commitment to fighting corruption with a strict zero-tolerance policy.

India has strict policy of zero tolerance against corruption: PM Modi at G20 meeting

At the recent G20 meeting, Prime Minister of India reaffirmed India's unwavering commitment to zero tolerance against corruption. His compelling address underscored the government's proactive measures and unyielding stance against this pervasive issue.

In his speech, PM Modi highlighted the significant strides taken by India in combating corruption across various sectors. Emphasizing the need for a transparent and accountable system, he reiterated the government's dedication to rooting out corruption at all levels.

The Prime Minister outlined several key initiatives and policy frameworks aimed at promoting integrity, eradicating bribery, and ensuring ethical governance practices. From digital innovations to legislative reforms, India's multifaceted approach to tackling corruption stood as a testament to its commitment to a fair and just society.

PM Modi's resolute stance against corruption has garnered global attention, positioning India as a frontrunner in the fight against this societal menace. His vision for a corruption-free India resonates with citizens and policymakers alike, paving the way for a more transparent and accountable governance structure.

Stay tuned for more updates on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiatives and the nation's relentless efforts to combat corruption!

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